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Guy is a teacher, musician, and writer and lives in Auckland, New Zealand with his wife and son. He teaches university foundation courses, and teaches music privately.

His Theology degree, gained in 1995, included a thesis on cults which was later developed into a small book entitled Mind Control: Choosing Between Truth and Deception, published in 1998 and available HERE.

From that time of study and from writing that book he has had opportunities to assist young people to exit cults and help them become grounded in church life and to develop their faith.

His new book, Living the Beatitudes Today, due to be available online and in shops in 2021-2, looks at how the Beatitudes relate to us today. They are considered with clear theoretical and practical implications.

A separate study guide takes the reader deeper into the subject and expands on their relevance and challenge and their hope for all.

Guy engages lots with young people although not particularly young himself. He plays piano and guitar (flamenco, jazz, and classical all at varying degrees of competence), occasionally writes a tune, and played the bagpipes (at varying degrees of competence!) in a pipe band for almost ten years. He enjoys Scottish Celtic music as well as Southern Gospel. Favourite music artists include Julie Fowlis, Monty Alexander, and the Gipsy Kings. His all-time favourite gospel song is Say Amen by Brian Free and Assurance.

He’s an artist who doesn’t have much time for art at present but still likes doing pencil portraits. When he’s not teaching or writing, he’s playing an instrument, gardening, or on occasion driving a golf ball on a range. When he gets home, he heads for his mini garden before anything else.

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Living the Beatitudes Today

Why are the Beatitudes important?  They’re not just a collection of wise old sayings. They’re much more than that.

My goal in my new book is to promote their role as keys to unlock the purpose of life.

As a teacher, I am intrigued by how Jesus introduces his first teaching session. He started with these famous sayings.

Living the Beatitudes Today (working title) is for all who wish to explore the nine opening statements of the Sermon on the Mount in depth. It answers the question of whether the Beatitudes are relevant and practical today. The companion study guide takes the keen student into an in-depth and rewarding course of study. Living the Beatitudes Today looks at how the Beatitudes are like a hinge between the Bible’s Old and New Testament.

They also practically express the two great commandments and the golden rule.

The Beatitudes are not only the basic building blocks of our spiritual life, but also the gospel itself in a nutshell. Those who accept, embrace, memorise, study, and build their lives around them, will be blessed—a promise from Jesus Himself.

Never has this message of the Beatitudes been needed as much as now. Head to the blog to find out more and keep up to date. 


"The Beatitudes do not come automatically to us, neither do they come just by reading them. They need to be imparted and worked into our lives by the power of our Creator, and then worked out in our lives on a daily basis..."


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